How to Manage UAC Notifications in Window 7

UAC (User Account Control) is considered as a nasty and hateful software. Basically, it notifies and informs the user about the modifications and alterations taking place in the programs and other applications. It always need the permission of the user that whether to take this step or not. The user does not have any interest in this facility and only this thing drives the user mad!

But now a very reliable method has been introduced through which user can disable this feature slightly or completely. The choice is totally depend upon the user! As it has been extremely annoying now-a-days and is absolutely useless so there is a dire need to eradicate it from the system.

In order to manage and handle UAC notifications, there is a simple process. Firstly, user has to go to the start button. Then picking out the option Getting Started and clicking on the Change UAC settings It is up to the user that what kind of notification and warning level he wants for his system. It has become very bothersome for the user when the any application or program gets modified or altered and then system notifies the user about it. The user can regulate the level. He can slightly switch off this feature or can completely disable it from his system.

One thing should be keep in mind that if the user is going to permanently deactivate this feature and is going to sign in as Administrator, then these pop-up messages will never going to annoy and bug him. One special thing about the users of windows 7 is that if they are a power user and constantly operate their systems, then they can easily and conveniently change the UAC settings. On the other hand, this facility is not available in windows vista so users might be switching their windows!

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