How to Print to a PDF File on Windows Vista

Print to a PDF file save a lot of papers actually! It is strongly recommended. Its features are remarkable and always give the required result that the user wants.

In order to print to a PDF file on windows vista, user has to install a Cute PDF Writer. Firstly, user has to go to the Ghost script to download it. This engine will automatically change the format of the printer into a PDF. After installation, a dialog box will appear on the screen and will ask from the user that whether the particular program has been installed correctly or not, user should pick out the option named by “This program installed correctly”. After this, user has to install Cute PDF. One thing should be kept in mind that until and unless UAC is enabled on the system, installation cannot be progressed any further. For this user has to disable UAC, restart the PC. Then install the Cute PDF and re-enabling the UAC will accomplish the task.

Using Cute PDF Writer is very simple! When the user is going to select the Properties, then the colors will be switched off. This step will lessen the volume of the files. There are also wide ranges of options under this writer like to change the quality, font size, firmness etc. User then chooses a file name and after giving the command to the printer, he can effortlessly see the printed document in a PDF format. This method works rather well. Result is instant and immediate.

There is also another easy installation method named by do PDF software. It contains fewer features as compared to the cute PDF but the method is quite simple. User just has to select this soft ware from the print dialog and then can fix the settings according to his own requirements.

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