How to Protect Your Computer from Viruses and Trojans

If you have the slightest doubt that your computer has been infected it is vital for you to take all obligatory steps to get rid of the infections in order to save your system from crashing.

  •   Computers at work in offices and computers used for personal use contain abundant important information both personal and official which the user is not willing to give up at any cost , with the infection of a system there is a possibility that one can loose important information and data and also receiving critical damage to the system. By following the steps below you can conveniently prevent your computer from being infected.
    • Make sure that files or documents you accept from other sources via emails, messengers, and cd's or usb devices are reliable. Do not open anything without thoroughly scanning it first.
    • When checking your mail do not open attachments unless you have been expecting them before hand. Do not download files from unsecure sites and be careful of spam which often contains viruses. Do not use disks that have been used by other computers that might be infected.
    • It is extremely important that reliable anti-virus software is installed in every system to ensure security, to more safely share data online and open email attachments with automatic scans. Also keep updating the anti-virus software regularly.
    • if your system gets infected browse  the web for the specific virus that your computer has been infected with to  find numerous easy solutions.
    • Download software's that help prevent invasions of Trojans and viruses into your system. Such software's that can work alongside with the anti-virus software to keep your pc secure.
    • Run frequent scans to keep a check on the systems latest state, Apply extra concern when you accept attachments that end in .doc, .exe, .com, .xls or .ppt.  by no means open attachments that end in .vbs or .js,

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