How to Remove Antivirus Live and Other Rogue/Fake Antivirus Malware

In this article we will discuss another type of the antivirus and learn the way that how to protect your computer from it. In our previous we will discuss about the fake antivirus named as advance virus remover and learn that how to get rid of it. Now in this article we will discuss about another fake antivirus application named as Antivirus Live. These viruses are too dangerous for the computer that they take the hostage of the computer and they are also very difficult to remove form the computer. These antiviruses also protect you to perform almost every type of activity on the computer.  These kinds of viruses are not allows you to run any malware application on the computer inorder to remove the viruses.

There is the general guide line for the users whose computers are infected with the virus named as “Antivirus Live”. Try to use the free and portable versions of SUPERAntiSpyware application to remove the viruses and if this application is not working then run your computer in the safe mode and then restart your computer. After that reboot your computer and by following these simple steps your computer will be free from all kinds of virus and unwanted programs.

The step by step procedure for removing the antivirus live are given as under:

First of all reboot your computer and press f8 key to switch into the safe mode and then you have to fix your internet connection to work because the antivirus live uses the fake proxies to connect with the internet. Then install the SUPERAntiSpyware in your computer to remove the viruses. After installing the antivirus in your computer, diagnose your computer and the antivirus will find and delete the antivirus live from your computer. At the end reboot your computer again and then your computer will be free from all kind of viruses.

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