How To Remove Internet Security 2010 and other Rogue/Fake Antivirus Malware

In our daily life we come across many sorts of problems related to our computer system most common of which are viruses or several different malwares and for the removal of them we use different types of internet security software’s or antivirus .But another issue is that these software’s are sometimes not real or in others they are fake and happens to slow our system or the loss of data .INTERNET SECURITY 2010 is one of those software’s .These viruses or malwares often come from the porn sites and are a serious hectic to remove .But  not to worry because after reading this article you`ll be able to remove these  viruses or malwares easily.

Now here`s what you have to do for the removal of Internet Security 2010 or any other Rogue/Fake  Antivirus Malware .Before beginning you have to download few of these software’s from any source:

I.    Super Antispyware.
II.    Malware Bytes.
III.    Any of the complete version of antivirus (I suggest Aviara antivirus).

These software’s will be very helpful for the complete removal of the Internet Security 2010 or malware.
After downloading these software’s copy them any of the portable device or the CD/DVD (whatever suites you).Then Re-boot your PC and run it in the safe mode (Note: Some malwares even block the safe mode) .If they do so then simply start your PC .Now the first thing we are going to do is to kill that that virus that is presently running on your system for that purpose follow the steps given below :

I.    Go to the startup menu and click on the run button.

II.    Then type the  following and press enter :
            taskkill /f /im is2010.exe

III.    After doing that quickly execute the following commands :
                Taskkill /f /im winlogon86.exe
                      Taskkill /f /im winupdate86.exe

After completing these steps you`ll successfully stop/kill the virus that is presently running on your system presently but still you have to remove it from your PC as well now here your software’s will help you remove it from your PC completely !!!

Now first install Super Antispyware (Note :At the time of its installation there might come some error or warning messages that this installation cannot continue or error in installation).When it happens just drag them to the corner of the screen and continue your work .Run the Super Antispyware and scan your system and remove the found viruses or malwares .After doing this a dialogue box will appear prompting you to restart your system but don’t restart your system because your work is not yet done .Install Malware bytes and then scan your system again (this is essential because a single antispyware cannot remove the complete malware). Repeat the same process of scanning your system using Malware bytes this will surely remove every malware from your PC .Then at last for a surety purpose run a scan from any of the complete antivirus.

After doing this your PC will be free from any of the malwares or viruses. 

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