How to Repair Your Crashed or Hanging Vista Sidebar

Sidebar is very important thing in the window vista as all know that it is the shortcut to the many programs that are very important one even. Like many of the user heard about the start button, this button exist on the sidebar so if your sidebar is crash or even not working correctly then how anyone can access the programs which are saved in the start button.

The sidebar crashed in one way only that is user have installed as many gadget as he or she can. So all know that gadget takes the power from the control unit to run so that if there are many gadgets they take more power. It this case sidebar hanged or can crash.

Repairing the sidebar in the window vista:

Before repairing and doing anything with the sidebar one should disable it properly the process to disable is, go to the sidebar and click the left button of the mouse. Then select the exit option from the drag options. After that it will ask you that are you sure you want to do that click ok. Then go to the task manager by hitting alt + ctrl + del simultaneously and select the sidebar.exe file and closed it properly from this window.

White the “%localappdata%mirosoft window sidebar” in the command box then it will open the new folder. Here is file named setting change the name of the file as “setting-broken.ini” then save the same file as new file so that it does not affect the last file. Now your sidebar is repaired but if you have still issue with the gadgets then user must not close some of them so that the machine can work efficiently.

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