How to restore trusted site list in windows vista

For those of you that don't know Shared computer are widely used on corporate networks. In shared computers on networks you will have to add a website to your trusted site list to view otherwise it won’t open. Now you keep entering the websites and after a time you end up with a huge list of them.

Now what if you changing the system itself or the operating system how can you transfer the same in the new computer other than typing them all.

This can be done simple by backing up a single key in the Registry. You can view the trusted site list by going to the Security tab in the “Internet Option” dialogue box, there you will find a Trusted Site Icon. The following screen shot displays the image of Security Tab under Internet Options Dialogue Box. Now select that icon of “Trusted Site” and then click o the Site icon on the right side of the box. An above dialogue box will appear you can remove or add websites links from there.

Now read carefully. You can back up the trusted site list using “Regedit”. Find the Regedit.exe from start menu search box or open it up directly from Run Box the registry editor will open up. The following screen shot shows the example of th following creen shot.
Now in the above image you will have to navigate to the following

“HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionInternet SettingsZoneMapDomains”

Right-click on the Domains key and choose Export, and then give the file a name. Now that file can be transported to any other computer you like. Now the process of copying the domain names from the file to other computers is called “Importing the Back up”. This is very simple step copy the file to desired computer and simply double clicks on it like you do to run any other program. But also keep that in mind that copying this domain list will over write and remove all the previous domain names from internet explorer.
The following screen shot is of Windows XP and it is to be noticed that the above steps are valid for both operating system. You can back up or restore domain names sin he above described steps from XP to Vista or from Vista to XP.

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