How to Restore Windows 7 from a System Image

In some cases the windows 7 have been crashed. This case might occur in the situation in which the users have corrupted its windows. Don’t be worried window will be recover as it is from there it is corrupted just user have to follow the some simple steps.

This recovery procedure which is written below is only for those users which have made the recovery folder before their windows corrupted. This small procedure will take the file from the system image. System image is the folder in which the last open, modified or accessed files are situated. System will be recovers from that system image file.

Recovering window by the system image folder:

Insert the boot disk into the CD or DVD rom. Inserting the new CD into the disk does not means that we are going to install the new windows on the computer, it is just for the purpose to start the process to reboot the machine. After inserting the disk the machine will generate the message that the windows is loading. Wait a while till it loads the windows.

After that it load the windows select the language in which you want to reboot the windows. Then select the use recovery… message to reboot the windows. Then it will show the disk in which the window is installed just click on the recover the windows through the system image created earlier then click next.
Then it will find and present the last file which user used in the system. Click on the next button then it take you to the other windows, read it and click next to that windows also. Then in the next windows click the finish button.

Your window is reboot from that location from which it is corrupted. Now use it carefully.

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