How to Restrict Access To Drives In My Computer in Windows

This condition is apply on the place where one computer is shared by many people so that the administration on that place reserve the right to get access to some places (drives) only by them or those who are permitted by the admin. In this type of condition the people who are not authorize by the admin they will not get access to those drives in any case.

Restriction of drive in the shared computer saves the private data to loss or to show to other which can harm it. It the case of restriction no one other than the admin will get access to the drive which is locked.

How to restrict access to drives in My computer:

Go to the search box of the start menu because it is the search box of the computer it can search all the data through the appropriate command. Write the command “gpedit.msc” over there in the search box it will open up the new windows. The new window will name as the local group policy editor. There are thousands of files in this folder of the computer but you have to find the file named as the “prevent access to drives in my computer” for searching this you have to navigate downward in the same folder.

Open the file which is named above and do the settings. In the folder of restriction, there is line written that pick the drive or drives you want to prevent, under that line you find the names of the drives which you can restrict in your computer. Select the combination from there and then select ok.

If you restrict all the drives then other user cannot use the CD and DVD drives and even not the flash drives.

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