How to Share Files and Printers between Windows 7 and Vista

This situation is happen only and only when there is two different operat5ing systems are operated on the same machine. In this case the sharing the files become more difficult because the file have to shared and process from one system to the other.

Not to worry there are the ways which can handle with this problem very easily without creating the problem and tension to the users. In this case which is written below we will take the overview that how the two different operating systems are synchronized for one purpose that is printing.

Steps of sharing the files and printer between the windows 7 and window Vista:

First do the setting of the window 7. Go to the start menu box and write the “network and sharing” over there. Now select the advance setting option from the network and sharing folder. Then select the turn on the network discover settings and the file sharing and the turn on sharing so that anyone in the network can use those files. After selecting all those click on the “save changes” button. Then turn off the password restriction so that anyone can access without any kind of authentication.

Now do the setting of the windows vista so that it share the files with the windows 7 easily. Go to the network folder and click the left button and select the properties from the options. Turn on the network discovery option, file sharing option and the media and the public folder share options. Here user must also turn off the password sharing option so that file share betwwn two different operating system easily.

Note: all the setting done in the one operating system should match with the setting done in the other one.

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