How to Turn a Physical Computer into a Virtual Machine with Disk2vhd

Some time some users need the more free space on their machines because they want to save more data. In these cases there is the option in windows that the user can create the virtual hard disk drive which helps the in saving the more data on their computer with any kind of tension and hassle.

There is small software for this purpose4 named as the disk2vhd. This disk2vhd software is very good software in a sense that it does not need any kind of installation processes to run on machine. Anyone can install it through its USB and can just run its executable file.

Turning a physical computer into a Virtual Machine:

When the user runs the software`s exe file it first take the user to the agreement. Users have agreed its term and condition to use it. After agreeing the term and condition it will take the user to the next step which is making the virtual hard disk for the machine.

In this new window you have to make the new drive. It will ask you the VHD file name give the appropriate name there and then allow the space for the virtual hard disk from the any existed drive of the computer then click on the create button so that the new hard drive will be formed.

After the processing the disk2vhd will create the new hard disk for your computer which is easily accessed by the start menu of the windows.

Likewise user can also create the virtual PCs. By creating the virtual hard disk user can save the system on it and can create the virtual system on the same computer by using the same space of hard disk.

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