How to Upgrade from Vista to Windows 7 Home Premium Editions

Vista is not the latest operating in market so after some times users may have to upgrade it. It is better to upgrade the vista into the window 7 home premium edition now. Window 7 have 6 different editions from one of them best is the home premium.

It is very easy to upgrade the windows Vista into the windows 7 home premium. Just check the computability of your operating system with the windows 7 home premium through the internet and then go in the process.

Step of upgrading the windows vista to windows 7 home premium:

First you must have an access to the internet while upgrading and then download the SP1. Because if you don’t it will generate the error. 2nd step is to make sure yourself that all the hardware’s are connected to it which you normally use. Then open the compatibility center of windows 7 it will tell you that which software it normally support and those which not. If the 32 bit version of the window vista is running on your system then there are chances that windows 7 with 32 bit will also run without any problem.

Window 7 compatibility center allow the user to check the hardware and software differently, like first the user can check the software compatibility and then the hardware one. Then click on the install now button the original things start from here. Then the upgrading process ask you that you want to go online to get the latest updates regarding to the upgraded one windows or not. Select the one thing. Then agree with the license of the windows 7 because now you are going to use it. Then select the upgrade option so that the upgrading procedure will start. Then give the product key of the windows 7 and then use it.

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