How to use ping command in windows vista CMD prompt

Many people are using Windows Vista now days. Ping is a command used to check whether your computer is still alive on the network but when firewall is turned on you can’t use ping command. An easy solution is to disable the firewall, but you can also allow ICMP requests. This requires opening extra ports which are a security risk, allowing ping isn't a big deal, but it's usually best to block anything you don't need.

To Allow ICMP Echo Request (ping) open up Command line and then run the administrator mode of by simply choosing “Run as Administrator” by right clicking on Command Line Prompt icon. There is search box in the “start menu” to type “cmd” in that search box and then use Ctrl+Shift+Esc. The command prompt dialogue box will open.

Now once in command prompt type the command “Netsh firewall set icmp setting 8 enable” and press enter. The change would be very fast and there will be no need to restart your computer. Type ping and IP address of the host or server with a space to check whether computer is alive on the network. The following screen shot shows how a typical ping command is in cmd when responding.
Once enabled you can also simply disable the ping utility also by repeating the same above steps the only difference would be the command name. Open the command prompt in Administrator mode as described earlier. You will have to type “Netsh firewall set icmp setting 8 disable” in the command prompt. Note in the Enable command last word of the command was Enable and in the disable command the last word of the command is Disable. You will not need to restart your computer as the change will be urgent.

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