Increase Size of Windows Vista Taskbar Previews

Windows vista comes with many of its awesome visuals but still some users want something different something which makes thing even more better than it looks .So for that purpose there are several different software`s which allows us to make things work in our way .This article is related to the Windows Vista Taskbar previews that how we can view the minimized window in a thumbnail preview.

There is no hard and fast way for it what you need to do is just download the software Download Vista Thumbnail Resizer install it in your PC and enjoy but there are certain things which are required for the smooth working of it which are:

Software must be started for it to work.
Must be run with the same privileges as explorer.exe. (Meaning you can’t run it as administrator)
DWM (Aero) must be running. The taskbar previews only work with Aero enabled, and so they won’t work in Vista Basic at all.

If you want this effect to happen every time you restart your computer, you’ll have to copy the utility into a permanent folder somewhere, and then create a shortcut to avethumnailresizer.exe in your startup menu with the -hide switch. To quickly get to the startup folder, open up explorer and paste the following into the address bar.

•    %APPDATA%MicrosoftWindowsStart MenuProgramsStartup

Create the shortcut of your own choice and once you have created it then open the hide to end target line and set .
(Note :There are certain mucks with internal stuff in explorer.exe, use this at your own risk.)

There are a couple of command line parameters accepted by the Resizer as well:

-kill    Kills the application
-show    Brings up the dialog window (default)
-nohook    Starts the dialog but doesn’t add the effects
-hide    Start up but don’t display the dialog.

After completing all the settings and requirements of the software you can enjoy it the way you want to .

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