Install Windows XP on Your Pre-Installed Windows Vista Computer

To carry out this process user must have a copy of windows XP to install it in its pre-installed windows vista. It is good news for the users that the windows vista contains a feature named by shrink volume which makes up the space for XP. Firstly, user has to right click on the computer icon and select manage. He then has to select disk management item from the list. Contracting and minimizing the size, volume for the XP window will going to take place.

Now the user has to install windows XP on the drive d: and shift the cd-rom to the drive e. This step is compulsory for the efficiency of the process. Change of path is a necessary step. After this, user has to reboot the computer to precede the procedure. Then user is going to boot the cd of windows XP. Having separate partition for both the windows will make the system quite and rather cleaner. It will not create any confusion. Finally clicking on the apply button will make both the operating systems to appear on the list.

One thing should be kept in mind that user should store and save all the files, folders and programmes in the drive that is being used by both the operating systems. This step will not create and generate any kind of mess or haphazardness. One shared drive used by both of the operating systems will not put a lot of load on them.

The entire process looks tiring and bothersome. But this is the only way that can be done to run two operating systems. Results are definitely going to be immediate and instant. The process takes a little bit time and effort to get done and complete. The above scheme clearly illustrates and explains the criteria to accomplish this task efficiently.

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