Keyboard Ninja: Pop Up the Vista Calendar

Some times the user doesn’t have many times to perform the full operation to see the date and time so that they use the keyboard shortcuts to perform that task. In the vista calendar user can save the task according to their availability.

The calendar in the window vista gives the roam to the user to enter the data and arrange the task accordingly. The shortcuts in the windows vista are very usefully as long as we stick to the vista main things.

How to open the calendar in the window vista through the keyboard:

There are many item in the windows vista which dose not require the mouse or the cursor to open means that the mouse and the cursor are not necessary available to open that things. One of that things are the window calendar just come to the desktop screen and hit the win + b, that keys will take the user to the hidden items if the user press the left arrow key then it will take the user to the date which is appear in the left most side of the desktop screen. Then on that date and time menu press the enter so that it will open the main calendar of the vista and the user can perform the task in that calendar.

There are many other ways to open the calendar in the windows vista through the key board shortcuts one of that ways is hit the win + b + left arrow key. Through this the computer will take the user to the calendar directly.

The last mention method by which user can go to the calendar directly is fast and efficient to the others.

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