Launch any Application without the Mouse

Majority of the users are in a problem that they do not want to use the mouse as it takes time. Users are in favour of operating their systems with the keyboard. Through keyboard, it will make their work to complete quickly. Now a method has been introduced which has solved the problem of the users.

In order to launch any application without the mouse, below is an example which will surely guide the users. Firstly, user has to click on the windows logo. This step will make the start menu to emerge immediately and the search field will get the focal point of the keyboard. User just has to type the initial letters of their particular programme, document that they want to open. Search menu will tint the linked and associated searches on the screen. User has to select his desired file and enjoy working on it.

Similar is the case with the command line. If the user wants to search any path, typing that path will automatically get start operating. Another advantage and plus point by using this method is that when the user type the particular related searches, then the system will start categorising the searches and next time when user is going to type again that search will be on the top most position. This feature is definitely a very remarkable one! User can also use windows spotlight. By hitting command and space, search text is going to come up which enables the user to type the required search.

Hence, by reading the entire scheme will surely relax the users. It will save their time a lot. The process does not need any kind of installation or the command line process. It has been adopted by immense number of users and has satisfied them efficiently and effectively.

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