Launch Shortcuts Quickly With Microsoft Speed Launch

An excellent and tremendous tool introduced by Microsoft office labs has brought a lot of excitement and thrill for the users. Through this element, they can simply launch the shortcuts of their particular applications without any difficulty and trouble. It is quite and rather noteworthy. Users will surely enjoy it and going to have lot of fun.

Microsoft speed launch is one of the remarkable features provided to the users. When the user installs a particular application then a small cursor will appear on the screen. User has to drag that cursor to create a shortcut. System will ask the user to assign a name to the shortcut. This step will enable the search box to present these applications regularly and repeatedly. User can also eradicate the shortcut by modifying the settings from the menu of manage shortcuts.

User can also add Google search in his list. Firstly, he has to click on the add button and then has to paste the following path: Then the system will ask the user to create a function where he / she are going to type a particular search term. This step will make the Microsoft speed launch to signify the related searches that will create convenience for the users.

One more interesting thing for the users is that they can easily generate one single shortcut that will going to show their large number of applications. Suppose the user creates a shortcut named by “Favourite Websites”. So this will show up all the websites that the user frequently used. If that small cursor or bulls eye that appears on the screen irritates the user, then they can conceal them by right clicking on it and then selecting the option hide desktop bulls eye. Hence, creating and hiding the features of this application is the simplest one!

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