Lock Prying Eyes Out of Your Minimized Windows

Majority of the users are facing this nuisance that whenever they permit other users to operate their systems, they have a fear that they are going to see their private data. It creates highly panic situation for the users. Users are in dire need to have complete privacy. Below is the reliable method that will surely bring relaxation for the users.

In order to lock the particular application so that others do not get access to it, there comes up a scheme that can be followed by the users. Firstly, user has to install lick this application from the web. After installation, user has to open up the file and chooses admin panel. Users should kept in mind that for the very first time when they are going to use this application then the password named by lock this should be typed. After this, user can modify the password in the admin panel. The choice is totally depend upon the users. Finally, user has to close the admin panel to know that whether the action has taken place or not.

If the user wants to lock and minimize the screen, then he / she should keep on holding down the Ctrl key while clicking on the minimize button. As soon as the particular application minimizes then the icon lock this will appear on the screen immediately. Right after this action, other user will not be having any authority and command to see that minimized application. It will going to restrict him and will not permit him.

Hence, this is one of the incredible and innovative ideas that provide protection to the data of the users. It acts as a guardian. Now the users do not have to worry about their minimized applications and programmes and can easily allow others to use their systems.

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