Make a Shortcut to Start Task Manager in Minimized Mode

A large number of users are in dire and extreme need to find a method that can make a shortcut to start the task manager in the minimized mode. They want the shortcut to get started automatically. Below is the scheme that has solved the problem of the users up to a certain level.

So if the user wants to accomplish the task, he has to follow a particular criterion that is going to fulfil his requirement. Firstly, he has to pick out the option new / shortcut by right clicking on the desktop. Then in the start menu search box, type taskmgr and press enter. Suppose the user is using windows XP and this step does not work on the system then the user can paste the following path in the search box. The path is: C:WindowsSystem32taskmgr.exe. Right after this step, shortcut is going to emerge on the screen. User has to right click on it and select the option properties. In the properties, mark the option minimized and finally closes the dialog box. The process gets completed. Change will be immediate and instant.

Suppose the user wants the shortcut to appear right after the system gets turned on. For this, user has to right click on the start up folder and pick out the option Open. Finally, dragging that particular shortcut into that start up folder will complete the task of the user.

Hence, starting the task manager in a minimized mode has now become quite and some what easy. It is not at all difficult. No installation is required for this process. Users can quickly activate this tool without any hurdle and trouble. Starting it and appearing it immediately when the system gets on has now become convenient for the users. It is fun to use and does not create any kind of mess.

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