Make Firefox Look like Internet Explorer 7(mostly) on Windows Vista

Fire fox is the internet explorer which has the ability to run the more than one internet website in the one file by dividing those web sites into the tabs. Users can access the website faster in this way in which the fire fox manage them. Like if user has to run the four website in a single time then it can easily access the one web or another by remaining in the same file.

The one problem in the fire fox is that it cannot clearly show the web name which is running in the same file. Because these names are appear in the tab and tab has the less space to show those, so that the user may find the difficulty in that.

Steps to show the name of the web clearly in the fir fox like in windows explore 7:

To view the file name clearly one must download some files to hide this problem. One of those files are the  personal menu of the fire fox and the update file of the fire fox, download both of them and then start the session of the fire fox in the routine way.

Then o to the tool bar of the fire fox and click the left key of the mouse and then it will enable the options. Then go to the menu option and then select the edit this menu item. After selecting this fire fox will generate the message for you that “if all the menus, menus bar or menu toolbar is hidden ……” read it and then click on the “ok”.

The select all item appear under show in the toolbar context. And then go to the menu again as you go above you will find the name you selected just a minute ago.

Then select show the icon option and click on “ok”. You have done the setting now you can see the full name of the web.

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