Make User Account Control (UAC) Stop Blacking Out the Screen in Windows 7 or Vista

As all the users knows about the control account of the windows. Control account is that account which controls all the parts of all the other users of the same system like control account can disable any user of the system and then again enable it.

There is the one annoying thing about the control account which is, when the log in screen of the User account control screen come to begin then it is very dark even no one can see the screen.

Steps to light up the UAC screen in the windows 7:

In the window 7 it is very easy process user just have to do the some simple step to light up the user account control. Go to the control panel or write the “uac” in the search box of the of the start menu. By writing this it will take the user to the user control account setting. Then select the setting option and then in the new window drag the scroll bar till it find the do not dim the screen of the UAC. After selecting this option click on the ok option. That ia all for setting the UAC in the window 7.

Step to light up the UAC in the windows Vista:

In the windows Vista there is the large procedure for the same things done in the windows 7. Select the local security policy setting from the start up menu and then search the file which will be named as the “user account control: switch to the secure desktop…..” then open this file and disable the setting for the secure desktop.

Note: the procedure written foe the window vista is only for the window vista business edition.

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