Make Zipfiles with the Same Name as a Selected File

In this article we will discuss about the problem related to the compressed files and folders. If you are making any compressed file then you might have noticed that the name of the selected file and the compressed file is same and when we unzip these files then there is a problem for us that how to unzip the multiple files and folders at a same time. This happened by the windows that whichever file you have selected for the compression, gets the same name as the name of the original file or folder. For example if one user may have selected multiple files at a same time and click on only one file to open the menu for sending them to a compressed file or folder, then the name of the compressed file or folder is the same as those file on which we right click to open the menu. After the compression then you will be able to change the name of the folder with your own ease and comfort.

If at the time of compression, you want to set the name of the compressed file of your own choice then you have to use some extra keystrokes at that time. After that you are able to send the file name of your own choice for compression.

This is a stupid geek tricks which is confusing for all the users and the users can able to compress the files or folders with the method which they desire for their files to be compressed. These types of tricks are in the mind of every computer user and they are allowed to compress the files and folders with their own desired file name.

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