Manage user accounts in Windows Home Server

Different users can be added and removed from the windows home server too. Home server control is to be opened in order to add a new user accounts in the windows home server. A message window bout user accounts will pop up and secondly it depends upon the person that whether he wants to keep its user accounts as active or not and wants to keep it password protected or not. if the user wants to get rid of the user account information, then the dialogue box at the bottom of the message window should be clicked. Then OK should be pressed which will let it from not appearing each and every time.

Next step is to make a user account in the user account window. In the boxes the person needs to enter the name, logon name and the last name as well. If the user wants to get connected to the internet server, then in that case the remote access option should be selected from the enable remote access for the user heading. It depends upon the person that whether he wants to allow access to the homes computers or shared folders or both.

The password requirements of complex password and a length of 7 characters should be met by the user while entering up the password for the user accounts. Now the next step is to set up access to the shared folders. It depends on the person that whether he wants to keep, create and delete the files. From none, read and full, the user had to select one option. Hence as a result the new account is created. The new account will also appear in the list of all the user names created before.

In order to access the folders, the user had to enter the created username and the password. The person cannot bring in any changes I the exiting folder, if the person had only selected the read only option for that particular file. A user account can also be disabled through the list of all the user names. In that list the account that needs to be de activated is to be clicked and then the disable account option is to be selected.

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