Map a Drive Letter to a Folder the Easy Way in Windows

A design letter can be assigned to the folders in a very easy way. This can work for both, the XP and the Windows Vista and the Windows 7 users. Visual subst is the program that is used to assign the derive letter to the folders. Through visual subst, a graphical picture is designed ad our virtual drives can be used to setup again in the startup menu.

This program can run without any installation and once the derive letter path had been selected by the user through the browser window, and then the user had to press the green button in the visual Subst program. The save icon in the message window can be used to change the path or the red button can be sued to delete the path that had been selected earlier. Hence the drive letter appears in the list of Visual Subst.

If the virtual drives option on the message screen at the left bottom of the window is selected, then as a result the drive is saved. A new drive will be viewed when my computer is opened. The subst command line version can also be used to assign drive letters to the folders. If a person prefers to work more on the key board, then he will like to use the command version, which is possible to use from key board rather than the usage of passing through an entire step.

Different syntax can be used to mar drive letters. If a person wants to see that letters have already been assigned to the drives then the user had to pass through the DOS program and had to check by writing all the entries there. The user can also deleted the created drive or any other existing drive easily. Some people prefer using the command line process while some prefer to use the visual subst for the creation of the new drive.

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