Map Any Key to Any Key on Windows 7 / XP / Vista

A registry hack can be used to re-map the keys and perform different functions. Before this technology people were quite fed up of the different functioning of the keys on their computers so now though registry hack much of the better work can be performed. Other than the registry keys there is an easy and a comfortable way through. That way is possible through the use of Sharp Keys.

Sharp keys are a very easy utility program that maps one key with the other key. If the user wants to turn off the sharp keys than they can be turned off without the use of any registry key and hence can be turned on and off in a very easy way, such as person wants to turn off the caps lock key, then he can turn it off by mapping it through the sharp key program.

The add button in the sharp key window can be pressed in order to add a new key mapping dialogue. In this dialogue window, the person can select any key from the entire list that he wants to map. Another way to map the key is to map it manually. Manual mapping could be done by pressing the type key button and then the key to be mapped can be pressed by the user.

The person can select that key which he finds quite appealing. Once the person is done with this process, the person had to select the write to registry button, which is located at the right bottom of the sharp keys window. Then after the selection of the write to registry, the computer will ask the user to log off in order to let the changes take place. This entire process works in all the windows version of XP, Vista and even Windows 7 also.

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