Microsoft Security Essentials is a Free Antivirus Utility

The free antivirus utility known as Microsoft Security Essentials is a program that protects the computers from any huge type of virus. Through this program the viruses can be detected and thus can also be eliminated from the PC. Its beta version and version 1.0 were released by Microsoft last year and they are the programs that help the users in taking care of their PC’s till the time a virus had entered the PC.

The user interface is quite the same of the beta version and the beta version is so quick that it runs quickly in the background. This system is quite quick, efficient and a fast moving antivirus. The bugs that entirely harm the computer are detected by the Microsoft security essentials at its foremost. This program needs to be installed first and then it’s working would take place.

In order to let the software working take place then the user had to make sure that there are no antivirus or some other virus software’s installed in the computer. On the other hand, the person also does not need to turn off the defender as well. Next the user had to make sure that the copy of the Microsoft windows is valid and reliable and thus is secure. However, the easiest way to use antivirus is the user interface.

When the installation had taken place, the antivirus program would update the user with any further viruses. When the installation and the database are complete, then as a result the green mark will appear in the home page of the installation window. Different functions can be controlled by four different bars in the page. When a threat is detected, it depends upon the person that what sort of settings he want to set. When the system is protected, a green color tick mark would occur in the taskbar and at the right bottom of the desktop screen.

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