Monitor and Benchmark Your PC with PC Wizard

In our previous article we have discussed the different utilities which are very helpful to enhance the functionality of your computer system and also these may be capable of performing some extra functionality of the computer system. So in this article we are going to discover another utility and its functionality. And this utility is named as PC wizard, here we discuss some of the features of this utility.

Pc wizard of the free utility which not only gives you the analysis of the hardware and software but also run the simple benchmark on your computer including RAM, CPU, hard drive and many more. To avail or get benefitted from this utility you first have to install it on your computer. After the installation of this utility you first look at the different features provided by the pc wizard 2008. The interface of pc wizard is very attractive and you can able to check the features by navigating the icons and moving further in the main menu of the utility. On the left side of the menu there are different icons which can able to give you the quick access to the different features where you can easily analyze the hardware and software of your computer.

The most important thing about this utility is that all the individual utilities which you installed in your computer are captured in the pc wizard 2008. And by this you can analyse all the features and functionality of your installed utilities, it also provide some networking tools and much more. It not only provides the software, hardware and networking but also it can be able to configure some benchmark tools under the benchmark menu in the left side if the menu.

You have to make plenty of settings in order to analyze the hardware, software, networking and also the benchmark tools of your own choice.

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