Mount Multiple ISO Images Using Virtual Clone Drive

Multiple ISO’s can be mounted in Windows Vista by the use of Virtual Clone Drive. It basically download’s the ISO, DVD, IMG and other files and its quite easy to use for its users. The user needs to download its setup and thus have to install it too. Once the setup has been installed, the user may needs to restart the PC for further working on it. When the hardware prompt occurs, the person had to click yes or no in order to continue.

This utility program works best with Windows 7 and does not work with Windows Vista that if of 64 bit version. So in order to add an extra virtual clone drive, the person had to launch the virtual clone drive from the startup menu at the left bottom corner of the desktop. From the virtual clone drive window, the number of drives can be rather increase or decreased which is up to the wish of the individual.

The ISO image should be double clicked, in order to let the mounting process begin. An image can be unmounted by right clicking on the CD-ROM drive of it and the same process goes for mounting too. When the right click take place, the mount and the unmount options can be found in the virtual clone drive bar. If a person is facing some problems and needs to install it again, then the person had to un install the program first and then had to re install it again.

When an ISO image is clicked by the user, it is always mounted on the first place and then unmount may occur. My computer is to be opened and right click is to be done on that drive that is to mount. When the mount is selected then the ISO path image is selected and hence the image had been mounted.

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