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Windows Vista is the latest operating system in the market released by Microsoft Corporation. The old name of windows vista was Longhorn that was announced in July 22, 2005. It was released in January 3, 2007. Windows Vista a line of operating systems developed by Microsoft for use on personal computers, including home and business desktops, laptops, Tablet PCs, and media center PCs. It is the successor of Windows Xp released five years before Vista.


Visual style dubbed Windows Aero interface enables you to quickly switch between windows and tasks, and features like the customizable Windows Sidebar make it easy to access frequently used information. Windows Instant Search makes it easy to find just about anything on your PC. A new multimedia tool Windows DVD maker has been introduced. New security systems like Bit Lockers drive encryption, file system encryption, scheduled backups etc had been introduced to improve security of users data.  One common disadvantage of the windows before it was security that has been improved a lot.
Vista has new networking features like providing peer to peer networking between machines in a home or network to improve file sharing and digital media between multiple network users.

System Requirements:

The specification provided by Microsoft for vista capable computer is P4 or higher, 512 Mb of ram or higher 32 Mb video card or higher. But the computers very slow if vista is installed on this type of computer. It has found that computers should meet the following specifications to perform adequately with Windows Vista:

   2.0 GHz Pentium 4 or higher (at least P4 1.8 GHz)
   1 GB of RAM or higher           (at least 512 Mb)
   60 GB hard disk or higher      (at least 40 Gb)
   64 MB video RAM or higher   (at least 32 Mb)

It important to note that if you are running windows vista on your computer the more the RAM is the more the system would work efficiently. Similarly the more the memory of video card the more the more the graphics would be better.


There are several purchasing options for Windows Vista like Vista ultimate, vista graphics, vista business etc. Their prices are ranging from 100 $ - 300 $.

Like every other operating system vista has also been the target of criticism because of high system requirements, its more restrictive licensing terms, the inclusion of a number of new digital rights management technologies which creates much problem in copying digital media files. Lack of compatibility with certain pre-Vista hardware and software, is also a very big problem but still the higher system requirements is the main criticism on vista.


Microsoft's Windows Vista operating system is designed to give you better results in less time. Its improved graphics look helps in multitasking and increased security systems makes your data more secure but it needs very high systems specifications to run.

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