Pin Any Folder to the Vista Start Menu the Easy Way done

The folders can now be pin to the start menu of the windows and it’s now quite easy to do. Firstly the files can only be pin but now the folder can also be move due to the latest technology. The files and folders can be pin by the use of the registry hack but now there no need of any registry hack, it can be done without it too. In order to pin the folder, the following steps are to be followed.

The first step that the users have to follow is: making the shortcut of the document on the desktop. The shortcut should be created of that document that needs to be pinned in the start menu of the Windows. The shortcut is to be pinned rather than the entire folder so that why there is a need to create the shortcut. The mouse button should not be released till that point in time, when the shortcut had been dragged on the startup menu.

The shortcut of the document can be released when the shortcut had reached the grey line of the startup menu. After that the shortcut will be seen in the menu. It is a very easy and comfortable way to move the files and folders too to the startup menu. However the downloads and the videos can also be pinned to the start menu.

Once the shortcut is made it cannot be deleted even from the start up area where it was pinned. If a person does not want to see the pinned shortcut in the startup menu, then the only solutions t hide it. The hiding can take place from the control panel options and hence as a result the folder can be hidden. One and the simplest way to pin the document is to right click on that document which is to be pinned and then click pin to start menu. So as a result, the file can be pinned very easily.

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