Play your favourite DOS games in XP, Vista and Windows 7

Play your favourite DOS games in XP, Vista and Windows 7 is possible through D- Fend Reloaded. Through this re loader, people can get back to their childhood times though it is the easiest way to play games. It allows its users to play games through the DOS Interface rather than the prompt issues of DOS. However, it has been proved to be successfully working on all the versions of Windows and even on 16 bit and 32 bit versions of windows too.

D- Fend Reloaded is such a browser that installs all necessary parts that are required for the running of the games. Whereas on the other hand the DOS Box is not needed to be installed in order to run the games. Through D- Fend Reloaded, it’s easy to play games for all its users. A flash drive can be used for the portable mode installation of games which can thus be run on any windows of the PC’s.

Accepting all the settings, once the D- Fend Reloaded is installed will make the settings to set as default. After that, the DOS games can be played by the users when they have transferred the zip file of the games in to the D- Fend Reloaded window. Installing the D- Fend Reloaded once works rather than installing the DOS prompt file every time.

However many games can also be installed at the same time through the D- Fend Reloaded. In doing so, it’s necessary to download the installer for the game pack and then further on the games can be installed in just four simple steps. Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 allows its users to play the games easily through D- Fend Reloaded and this opportunity should not be missed by anyone as it can help them.

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