Power up Your Start Menu Search Box in Windows Vista

The Start menu is the main entryway to your computer's programs, folders, and settings. It is called a menu because it provides a list of choices, just as a café menu does. And as "Start" implies, it is often the place that you will go to start or open things.

I am here show you some Start++ usage examples...   

Look for Yahoo by typing in y <keyword>
Look for Dictionary by using d <keyword>
Look for Wikipedia by using w <keyword>
Look for IMDB by using imdb <keyword>
Look for anywhere by making a custom search command.
Note: Use sudo before any command to make it run as administrator.
Ultimately, a sudo command for Windows Vista!!!
Start++ still works from the command prompt.
Create an assumed name for anything you want. You could set “i” to open Internet explorer, and “o” for Opera, for instance.
Look for for music to play and open in Media Player. You could use “Play Dangerous”, for example. I am looking forward to testing out these commands.
I would also recommend subscribing to the Start++ updates provide for any site from internet.

Vista Start Menu Health without Start++:

Coolness:  0.5
Usefulness: 0.8
Show-Off Factor: 3.9

Vista Start Menu Health with Start++:

Coolness:  14.2
Usefulness: 999.9
Show-Off Factor: 24.9

You can see, major stat increases just from installing Start++ Start menu enhancement, mainly in the area of utility.
Start++ is a small add-on appliance that lets you create aliases of words and characters to directives or search. You can set the commands to run with administrator rights. You can even save commands as “Startlets” and contribute to with your friends.

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