Q-Dir Multi-Pane File Manager

Q Dir pane is software which divides the screen into the four different parts and in each part the different program is running. By doing this; the users which using the Q dir will work more efficiently and will work faster than before. The division of the screen in the different part will only be visible in only on the Q dir software front view.

The Q dir software is available on the internet easily or user can buy this software easily from their local markets. This software does not require more thing to which it can run like other software requires. This software even does not require the more space on the hard disk of the computer.

Steps to install the Q dir on the machine:

Go to any web site or buy the CD or DVD and run the installing procedure than agree with the term and condition of the company`s policy and start the installing procedure. It will ask you couple of question before start installing the Q dir on the computer like “do you want to run the Q dir after installing” and where you want to save its shortcuts links. It will also give you the choice to select the answer and then click on the “install” button.

Then if select to run the Q dir software after installing it will run automatically and divide the monitor screen into the four equal parts in which the four currently use software are running. There are many other option which appear on the top of the Q dir like if user select the vew tab which appear on the top on the screen and select the full screen view then Q dir will show the full screen view of the file from which the option is selected.

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