Re-enable Hibernate Option in Windows Vista

Hibernation is basically a feature of computer operating system in which contents of RAM are written so as to store all the information even when it is not powered before switching of the computer. When computer is restarted, it reloads all the information and then it comes back to the stage when computer was restarted.

The advantage of hibernation is that it is usually faster than closing down, later starting up, and staring of the programs again. Moreover, going into hibernation requires no user-interaction. To enable hibernation to work in one’s computer, the hard disk must have sufficient space to store all non-replaceable contents of RAM.

Hibernation option in Windows Vista:

Following options should be kept in mind while enabling hibernate options in Windows Vista

1.    Hibernate option is not available at the start menu.
2.    It is not be available in the shut down windows dialogue box.
3.    It is not offered on the power button menu that appears on the secure desktop.
4.    The user cannot enable the feature until and unless the computer does not support it.
5.    The hibernation file must be enabled when the computer have as much free space on the system drive as there is physical memory in it.

Root cause of problems while enabling hibernate option:

If hibernate option is missing in Vista than it is may be due to one of the following reasons:

1.    Disk cleanup wizard has deleted the hibernation file because it deletes all the shortcuts that has not been in use for at least 60 days
2.    May be the computer did not supported the feature.
3.    The feature may be disabled
4.    May be the hybrid sleep feature is enabled

The reason behind the last problem is that Hybrid sleep feature puts computer to sleep and when user go for sleep option, it generates hibernation file so hibernate is not offered in Hybrid sleep mode
Coping with the problems:

To overcome all these issues, the user must use the PowerCfg tool and to use this the user must follow the following steps:

1.    Click on the start option
2.    Type command in the Start Search Box
3.    Click Command Prompt in the Programme List
4.    Click Run as Administrator in which the user can also type his/her password or click Continue
5.    At the command prompt , type Powercfg/hibernate on
By following the above steps the hibernation files can be re-enabled in the computer offering Windows Vista.

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