Remove Please Wait While the Document is Being Prepared for Reading Message in Adobe Reader 8

It has now become highly bothering and irritating for the users that whenever they operate their system with the adobe reader 8 installed in it, they always get a notification that the user has to wait while the document is being prepared for reading. It does not matter that how much is the size of the PDF file; user has to wait until the system allows and permit him to start reading. Users are in dire and extreme need to have the solution of this problem and to get rid from this nuisance immediately and instantly.

In order to remove and eradicate this particular message from the adobe reader 8, users have to go through a process which is quite and rather reliable. Firstly, user has to open up the particular folder and paste the following path to precede the process. The path is: C:Program FilesAdobeReader 8.0Readerplug_ins. Right after this step, user is going to observe a file named by accessibility.api in that particular folder. Simply eradicate that file or the user can move that file to another location.

Finally, the process gets done and completed. When the user is going to open the adobe reader next time, he / she are going to get this particular message again for the very last time. User just has to mark the box to get rid from this nuisance and trouble. Change will be immediate and instant. Now no more dialog boxes and pop- up messages will be appearing on the screen to irritate the user.

The scheme is effortless and not at all tiring. It does not require any kind of installation or downloading. It is highly recommended and suggested. It takes a minute to remove this message and the situation gets stable and constant for the users without putting a lot of effort.

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