Remove "Shortcut" Text from New Shortcuts in Windows 7 or Vista

Whenever users made the shortcut of any file two additional things will appear. One is its arrows which show that this is short cut and the other thing is its text “file name-short cut” which also shows that this is the short cut of the original file.

Sometimes someone not wants to show that the file which is appearing on its desktop or anywhere in the computer is the short cut and is not the original one.

Step which remove the “shortcut” text from the file:

First go to the start up menu then go to the dialog box and then write the regedit.exe then it opens up the window from their search the hkey_current_user file and access it then from there opens up the software file and then open the Microsoft file which is placed over there and then access the Microsoft file and then go to the current version and then to the explorer these all name of the file or the folder and placed into each other just access them. Basically the “shortcut” text appear with the file is the default setting which was set by the maker of the windows so one have to change the setting which possible not easy one for every one so one must carefully follow the procedure. Then from the explorer’s folder search the “link” file which is the text file. When user opens it there is “1e to 00 00 00 “users have change it to the “1e to 00” just do this change and see the short cut text from the file will be removed. Otherwise one has to download the registries and then change in them to eradicate the shortcut.

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