Remove the On-Screen Keyboard on the Vista Login Screen

I have got a keyboard on my screen that acts as a keyboard but it occupies space on the destop and makes my work a little difficult. I tried to remove but it did not by the settings in the windows.

This option is because of the Pc tablet utility installed in your system. It includes the input panel, Windows Journal.

Go to Control Panel and write windows feature in the search box given in the window. Go to the Tablet PC Optional Components in the list, and uncheck mark next to it. Click OK, and then wait for few moments, and then reboot your computer, then you will see that the onscreen keyboard will be gone.

Removing on-screen keyboard on the Vista but keeping the Sniping tool

If you want to keep the Snipping tool but you don’t want to keep the on-screen keyboard, you can use a little hack to get rid of it. This will not let the Tablet Input Panel from working at all.

This is the on-screen that is referred by me:

When you reopen it after applying the hack, you will get an error message again and again but it can also be handled.

To prevent that, we just need to open up Services from Control Panel, and then disable the Tablet PC service by double-clicking on the item in the list:

Change the startup type to disabled, and make sure to click the Stop button before continuing.

Then you’ll need to navigate down to the following folder:

C:Program FilesCommon Filesmicrosoft sharedink

Then rename the tabskb.dll file to something else. You could delete it, but that would be overkill.

You’ll get at least one UAC prompt. At this point the on-screen keyboard should be gone from the welcome / login screen. Just don’t try and launch the tablet pc input panel… it will not work at all.

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