Remove Winamp Context Menu Items from Vista

If you want to remove the Winamp Context menu then you will have to go through following process.

In the search box go to Winamp and then write the following key”:
The Winamp related menu items would be available under here:


Open Regedit.exe and go to the above location. Select the “Winamp.
Entries” and remove those entries that you do not want to keep. 
Then close Regedit. Manage the context-menu entries for files, folders, drives and Namespace objects:
the entries are added at the file-class level. also. For example, to
re-associate the .mp3 files with WMP (which removes the Winamp from the
right-click menu), write the following command and run it:

cmd /c assoc .mp3=mp3file
Type this command in Start, Run dialog and you will see that all the unrequired entries will be gone

Method 2;

This method is more convenient and also reliable.

From the start menu open Winamp.

Then, hit CTRL+P to open the Preferences menu of Winamp.
Then select the option of File Types on the left pane. Once done then Uncheck the option of "Show Winamp in folder context menus in >Windows Explorer." This will remove the menu options when you right click on a folder.

Then, click on Jump to File on the left page. Then click on the "Shell Options" tab on the right. >Then, on the "Windows Explorer Menu Control" section on the bottom right, uncheck all the >options you do not want to use
And there you go! Hopefully now right clicking on files in Windows Explorer isn't a painful >process.

Then reboot your system and next time you open the Winamp menu there will be no extra menu to disturb you.

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