Reorganize Your Taskbar Buttons and Tray Icons in XP/Vista

If you are taking screenshots of a piece of your desktop or just desire to have two apps you are using sitting next to each other on the taskbar, it can be in reality annoying that you cannot move the taskbar buttons around. There is a small benefit called Taskbar Shuffle that gives us this power and more.

Taskbar Shuffle is a small Windows utility that allows you to rearrange the order of your taskbar items by dragging and dropping. All you need to do is to download,

install and you are good to go with reshuffle.

One time installed, you can simply drag and drop to adjust the taskbar buttons. User can also hold down the Ctrl key and adjust the tray icon.

The settings dialog gives a really fascinating option, the capability to group tasks but not collapse them into a button.

You will notice the Windows buttons are grouped, but not consolidated into a button.

To rest this option, open up the Settings dialog and choose the option for “group tasks but never collapse into one button”.

You will also note that you can close windows with a middle click, which makes the taskbar work like Firefox’s tab bar.

Very useful utility and you do not essentially have to keep it running all the time. Just start it up when you want to move the buttons around, and then close it.

You may be interest in trying this little application and for what it is worth, it is compatible with all Windows versions!!!

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