Restore Missing Desktop Icons in Windows 7 or Vista

This article will discuss the problem when the icons on the desktop are not visible. Many of the users are familiar with type of problem. Due to these missing desktop icons it become inconvenient for the user to access the icons on the desktop like my computer, recycle bin or my documents etc.if these icons are visible to the user then it becomes easy for them to access them. To show the desktop icons we have to do following procedure

The elaboration of this problem is given with the help of an example. Suppose you have removed the recycle bin icon and also the specially added icons like my computer or my document etc. By default there is only one icon on the desktop and that is of “recycle bin” and the rest of icons are of user’s choice. The solution for this removal of icons is to go to the control panel and then select the personalise and after that click on the “change desktop icon”. After selecting this now you can able to see the icons which are not visible on desktop (it involves my computer, my document and control panel etc). Now select those icons which you want to come back on to your desktop. And then click to the Apply button to confirm your selection of icons.

There is another method to activate the missing desktop icons. Rather than going to control panel you simply right click on your desktop and then select the personalise option and rest of the procedure will be the same as described above.

With the above explanation it is much clear that how to get back those icons which are removed from the desktop and other icons which are of user’s choice.

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