Restore Missing Items in Windows Vista Control Panel

This article is about the missing icons in the control panel of the windows seven or xp and also gives the perfect solution for this problem. The problem is that how will you get the missing icons in the control panel? For example the display setting icon or network connection icons are missing from the control panel. For the elaboration of this problem one has to follow some simple solution which is described as under.

Let suppose if you ever noticed that from where the display setting icon or network connection setting icons went in the classic view of the control panel? And also these icons cannot be search in the start menu because they are prohibited from loading in the registry dialogue. For this solution go to start menu and type “regedit”.After  typing this a registry dialogue will appear in front of your screen , then  you have to scroll down in the menu and search for “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWARE”. When you find this key you will see number of items in the right hand side of the menu. Select this key and make backup of this with the export function and then delete the other.

 In the registry editor you will see that desk.cpi is the icon for display settings wizard and ncpa.cpi is the network connection wizard. If you delete both of this and after deleting you re-open or refresh the control panel you will find that these two icons are now in the control panel. Now you can able to search these items also on the start menu, which helps you completely in this problem.

 By using this simple method you will be able to restore the missing icons in your control panel.

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