Restore Previous Versions of Files in Every Edition of Windows 7

This article restores the deleted or removed files. For example you can accidently deleted the very imp document just for that this article is not longer important for you and after some time you wants this deleted file or folder. For this purpose window seven helps you to restores these deleted files and folders and fulfil your need.

The previous version of windows seven uses the shadow copy service to prevent your deleted files and folders. Whenever you faced the problem regarding this issue the shadow copy service will surely help you. By default this services make backup of your files and folders whenever they are opened or edited.

The previous version of vista is a new version in vista but not available in the home addition of windows vista. However the shadow copying service is still available in it, so that the users of vista home addition can also avail the facility of shadow service. But now this facility is available in all the additions of windows vista which is a very beneficial thing. Now the problem is to how to aces these previous versions of windows on your computer. It is very simple just go to any file explorer and right click on it and select “restore previous versions”. For example if you accidently deleted any file from the My Documents folder, browse to that folder and restore the previous versions. Please always remember that this cannot restore the drives and libraries.

When you open the file explorer of my documents, it shows the all details of the deleted file and folder. Here you can able to see the copies of folder deleted and its visiting time (as 4 weeks ago). Click on the time to restore it.

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