Restore "Show Hidden Files and Folders" Option in Vista

In this article we will discussed the problems related to files and folders. Often it is possible that the option of files and folders premises are hidden from the users based on many factors. when these options are removed  and not shown to the user ,then the user face many problems to hide or unhide their private and personal data n the form of files and folders. For the convenient of the user it should be restored.

The cause of this problem is due to the virus in your computer and the only way to get rid of it, running the virus scanner in your computer. This process will remove the virus but not able to “restore the show hidden files and folders option”.

If you are still confused then the step by step procedure of this process is given as: open the folder and search the option in the organize menu and then select the view tab, which does not shows you all the details of hidden files and folders because of the virus, if there is any.

To get this option visible there is another method named as “manual registry tweak”. To run this method you first click the start menu and write this word”regedit” and then press enter key. after pressing enter key a new window will open  (which is a registry editor) in which you scroll down to the key named as HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and then search the key  named as type , on the right side of the window and change it value to group. If this key doesn’t exist in the window then create the new string value. After doing this immediately go to the folder properties you will find that the it restores the files and folders such as( show hidden files and don’t show hidden files)

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