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Returnil virtual system is a sandbox application for Microsoft windows. Its goal is to prevent malware and unwanted programs from running on your computer. Whereas the malware is the short form of malicious software that is designed for infiltrate the computer system without the owner informed consent. Sandbox is a set of rules that are used when creating applets that is sent as a part of web page. An applet is an application running on the computer system when it is downloaded from the internet and don’t need any internet connection for its running.

RVS2010 is completely a new product that uses the combination of antivirus, antimalware and a virtual system to protect your computer from the unwanted programs. RVS2010 copies the partitions of drives and create a virtual enviorment on your PC and instead of loading the actual operating system Rvs loads the copied operating system from the partitions. This loading of copied operating system will allows you to run your applications and performs online activities in a complete isolated enviorment. This process prevents the virus and other unwanted applications on your computer. To get out from this isolated enviorment you just restart your computer and your computer will be in its original state as before.

For the installation of this application you have to go through the installation wizard and select items like complete scan check and choose data collection option. For the complete installation you have to restart your computer.

This system safe virtual technology can be operated manually or automatically. The concept of the safe virtual system enviorment is very effective and efficient; however it is difficult for the novice’s computer users to understand it. If you are working hours on a document, installing software, setting up the system and doesn’t checking the all save option then you will lose all your data.

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