Roll Back Troublesome Device Drivers in Windows Vista

In this article we will discuss the problems related to installation of the new drivers if the devices. It is observed practically that some drivers of the device are making problems to perform their functions properly or either not running the device on the computer. For this purpose we have to follow some simple steps to get back the previous drivers of the device we are using or install another drive whose functionality is complete and helps the user.

If you have installed the new driver in your computer and that is causing problems in performing its functionality the you should get back to the previous version of the driver which you changed. The process of getting back to the previous version of the deriver is called “roll back to previous version”. First you have to open the control panel and then open the device manager folder. The easiest way for the opening of the device manger is to open the start menu and type the device manager in the search box but you can also go to the control panel.

Once you open the device manager and browse the device which is causing problems for your computer and then right click on the device and select the properties for that problem causing device. After selecting the properties of that files you will see different tabs on the properties menu, click on the driver tab, you will see different options (like disable driver, uninstall, update driver and roll back driver) you select the roll back driver option. This will get back the previous version of driver for your device. This process will help you to get back your driver for the specific device to work and performs its functions properly.

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