Run a Command as Administrator from the Windows 7 / Vista Run box

In this article we discuss the different ways to get access to the run box in the start menu of the windows vista. There are different ways to get through the run box. One is to go to the start menu and type cmd in the start menu search box. You will noticed that our windows vista doesn’t contain the command prompt clearly or in front of the screen when we open the start menu as happen in the previous versions of the Microsoft windows.

If you feel very comfortable while using the command prompt as compared to the graphical user interface (GUI). You simply have to do is open the start, menu in your windows vista, first you have noticed that there is no proper way to access the command prompt in your windows vista or windows seven. To get rid of this problem open the start menu and type cmd in the search box and after typing the cmd instead of pressing enter you enter shift+ctrl+enter. After you press these three buttons simultaneously you will see that the an administrator dialogue box is appear in front of your screen and you have to enter the password in order to work on the command line or command prompt.

The other way of getting access to the command line is to type the cmd in the search box of the start menu and press enter you will directly get access to the command prompt without the interference of the administrator dialogue box.

The administrator dialogue will be a secure way to get access to the command prompt because it involves the interference of the administrator and your work on command prompt will be free of all the worries.

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