Scanning and fixing virus through Trend Micro

Finding and fixing the virus and clean up your machine from the virus is very time taking and very difficult procedure to handle with. Sometimes users think that this will be the endless battle between them and the viruses. So to avoid this situation someone must some kind of software which will be effective one and not time consuming.

Micro trend is the company which introduced some this kind of software which can handle with these situations. Micro trends software is easy to use and they are not so costly. But one thing is that this software is not installed on the machine. These can be used from the flash drive or any other thing but this will not be saved or downloaded onto the machines.

Steps of eliminating the error through the trend micro:

First install the flesh media or any other device through which user want to run the trend media then open ups that link. Then it takes some time for assessing the folders and files saved in the system then it enable its graphical user interface for the user.

Then click on the scan now press button which is prominently display on the windows of Trend Micro. Before starting the scan of the system first go to the setting and choose those boxes which you want to the scanned by the software. Then click ok. Trend micro has three procedure in which it work first is scanning then it generates the report that how much viruses it scan in the file it scans then ask the user that he/she want to fix or remain as it. Choose the “Fix” option in the drop boxes then click “Fix now” button through the mouse. Your machine has been scanned without and hassle.

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