Secure Computing: Create Scheduled Scans with Spybot Search & Destroy

In this article we will discuss the methods that how we can remove the viruses and bugs from our computer system and how we can secure our computer system. There are different application that helps the user to get rid of the viruses from entering in the computer system. Whereas the spyware is the technology that helps the user to get the data without the permission of the other person or organization. With the help of this article we can secure our computer with the scheduled scan of the spyware in your computer.

For this purpose you have to install the Spybot in your computer the basic mode is enabled default for searching and destroying. You have to change this default mode by clicking on the mode tab and then select the advance mode option. When you click on the advance mode a warning message will appear, click yes to the message. After that you will see the different other options and features and by using these features and tools one can be able to access the in the Spybot.

Then you expand the setting option and select the scheduler and then click on the two add buttons in the scheduler option and after that you can set the specific time the schedule for scan and update and also edit them. Spyware lunches the schedule for the updates which are of windows component and you are not bound to select the windows schedule but you can able to reset the schedule for your own choice. To set your own schedule you have to click on the schedule tab and then select the new schedule option, where you can set your own time, date and day. After the selection of schedule you are prompted to your computer password, type it and everything will be set.

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