Secure Computing: Find and Eliminate Spyware with Spyware Terminator

In the past few article we are trying to discuss the features of the different utilities for your computer, to make the computer more secure and bug free. now in this article we discuss the antispyware utility named as spyware terminator. When you are installing the spyware terminator and after the complete installation you can check the advance settings in the spyware terminator which will allow you more option during the installation of this utility.

Another screen will appear in front of you during the installation of spyware terminator, us the security guard toolbar. It does not provide the extra security when you are searching on the internet by using the internet explorer (IE 7) or Mozilla Firefox.

There are some limitations of spyware terminator regarding to its functionality and these limitations are that those computer users who are using the 64-bits of the operating system are not getting the full functionality but only get the spyware scan. And those users who are using the 32-bits of the operating system are surely getting the full functionality of the spyware terminator. 32-bits windows vista or windows XP get the additional real time protection foe their functionality. There are total three types of the scanning the computer drives and these are fast scan, full scan and the custom scan which allows you to select the type of the scan. Fast scan will only scan the registry of your system and the executable files but full scan will scan the whole data in the drives.  It totally depends on you to select the required type of the scan.

Scheduling scan is also available in the spyware terminator, you just select the day, date and time for the scan. Scanning process will be shown to you and you can also abort the scanning wherever you wan to abort or stop the scan.

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